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Unfiltered | June 29, 2016

(It’s about noon and breakfast hours are long past. I’m sitting eating when an unkempt woman comes in and goes to the counter.)

Woman (placing something on the counter): ” I bought this breakfast sandwich this morning and I would like to trade it in for a hamburger.”

Girl at Counter: “Um, I can’t do that ma’am.”

Woman: “Why not?!”

Girl: “Because we can’t take back food and trade it for food later.”

Woman: “But it’s been in the refrigerator all morning.”

Girl: (looking around hopefully for another employee to step in)

Manager: “Ma’am we cannot take back the breakfast sandwich. If you want to buy a hamburger, you may.”

Woman: (continuous questioning and building disruption)

(Finally manager grabs a hamburger, gives her both the breakfast sandwich and the burger and tells her to leave, which she does.)