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Unfiltered | June 24, 2016

(We have a new trainee learning the register, and they’ve been having trouble with combos. When a customer asks for two number 2’s, and a sandwich on it’s own, she applies two combos even though the customer only got one drink. The customer comes back and complains.)

Customer: You didn’t ask me what I wanted to drink with my other combo.

Trainee: I’m sorry about that, what would you like to drink?

Customer: Sprite.

Trainee: Okay, your new total is [total], it will be right out!

Customer: Wait, why is it more?

Trainee: Pardon?

Customer: Why does it cost more? I got two combos and a sandwich.

Trainee: Yes ma’am that’s what I have here.

Customer: So why does it cost more?

(Unsure how to explain the trainee steps back and looks to me for help)

Me: When my coworker first rang you up they applied the discount for both combos without ringing up your drink. It’s more now because we’ve added a drink, which wasn’t there before.

Customer: I don’t understand why it costs more. I got the COMBO.

Me: Yes ma’am, and the discount for both combos was applied to your first order, without the drink being on the order. Now that the drink was added it’s more, but I assure you that both combos are here.

Customer: Whatever, I don’t understand why it’s more. *walks away*

(The customer still didn’t understand even after receiving her order and looking at the receipts herself.)