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The restaurant I worked at is very popular and can be really crowded during lunch hour. Also, it is a small business and there are less than 20 seated places. That particular day, my co-worker called off and I am the only waitress on the floor. Since most of the clients are regulars, they know the waiting can be long but they are mostly patient and nice even though the line reaches outside. A woman decides she had enough and cut the entire line, grabs my arm (note that I have food plates in both hands and even on my arms) and yells at me:


Me: Please madam, be careful, those plates are hot!

Lady: I don’t care, I want to be served!

Me: I am really sorry madam but you will have to wait in line.

Lady: NO! I don’t have to wait.

Me: Again, madam, I’m sorry, but all these people were here before you and therefore, you must wait. As you can see, we are incredibly busy.

Lady: I DON’T CARE! Do you know who I am???

Other client: I know who you are.

Lady: Finally! I….

Other client (without missing a beat): You are a human being like everybody else. And decent human beings wait in line! So get back there!

All the other clients in line applaud as the lady leave in a huff. Thank you king man, I couldn’t have say it better myself!

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