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(Where I live Mother’s Day is in mid-May. It’s March. I’m serving a table of two that is a middle aged man and an older lady. Note: neither of them has accents)

Me: Hi, how are you?

Male Guest: (in a very demanding tone) Say Happy Mother’s Day.

Me: Happy mother’s day?

Guest: It’s mother’s day in England today.

Me: Is it? I didn’t know that. That’s interesting.

Guest: You should be wishing everyone a happy mother’s day.

Me: Well, I suppose I could. Most people here associate that holiday with May, but it’s interesting to know when they celebrate it in other places.

Guest: It’s mother’s day in England.

Me: (trying to change the subject) Can I get you started with something to drink perhaps?

Guest: I’ll have (item) with (other item it’s never normally ordered with). That’s how they’d serve it in England. They make everything better in England.

(They enjoyed their food although in five years of serving I’ve never seen anyone eat that combination. British or otherwise. Every time I checked on them the man repeated that this was how it was done in England. I made sure to wish them a happy mother’s day on their way out and they seemed pleased.)

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