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Unfiltered | June 13, 2016

(Lady comes in, buys 300 dollars worth of groceries, has alot of coupons)

Me: Hello how are you today?

Customer: Just check out my things so I can go home

Me: Ok Mam

Customer:(After everything was checked out) Scan my coupons

Me:(After half an hour of scanning coupons I come to one that we cannot run due to it being 1 day old) Im terribly sorry mam, we are not able to accept this coupon it expired yesterday

Customer: Oh fuck no, you can honor that coupon

Me: No mam we cannot take this, I can lose my job over taking this coupon as it expired yesterday

Customer: Get your manager here right the fuck now!

Me: Calls manager

Manager & Me:(conversation before letting her talk to the lady) Shes being very violent, I told her our policy 4 times before calling you

Manager to customer: mam I am sorry, but this coupon can NOT be taken because it DID infact expire yesterday.

Customer: Fine.

(I take payment and calmy and gently handed her her change)


Manager: Mam calm down, he did not throw your change at you, he set it in your hand and YOU dropped it

Me:Mam your going to have to leave the store please

Customer: Fuck that, he did throw the change at me and I wont leave

Me(calling police at this point): Maam you will have to leave the store NOW. Police will be here in less than 2 minutes.

Customer leaves after attempting to assault the manager

Police arrive, showed them the footage of the assault, 2 hours later lady was arrested.