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Unfiltered | June 12, 2016

(We have blue plastic wallets that we give out when customers buy a season ticket or discount card so they can keep their photo and tickets together. As they cost a lot of money to produce, we aren’t allowed to hand them out unless someone is buying a season or discount card, or trading in a wallet that is falling apart. Sometimes though, customers who have bought tickets online don’t realise how many they have until they collect them, often these customers will ask for a wallet so they don’t lose them. A customer walks up to me with around 30 tickets she has just collected.)

Customer: Hi, could I have one of your blue wallets please?

Me: I’m sorry, we can’t give those out except with a season ticket or discount card.

Customer: But I need to keep my tickets together! I want a wallet!

Me: I can give you an envelope or a rubber band to hold those tickets together, but I can’t give you a wallet.

Customer: No, you don’t understand, I have a discount card already!

Me: Well if you bring the old wallet in, we’ll gladly replace it for you!

Customer: I lost it.

Me: You lost the discount card?

Customer: No, I still have the discount card. I just lost the wallet.

Me: Oh, okay. Well, I’ll need you to bring your discount card in and then we can give you a new one.

Customer: But I need a wallet today!

Me: Unfortunately I can’t give you one right now. But the bus station across the street sell wallets just like ours for 25p.

Customer: I can’t f***ing believe this! I’ve paid you good money, all I want is a wallet!

Me: Ma’am, you’ve bought your tickets online. That means you have given your money to [online company] and not us. I am not allowed to just give out our blue wallets, I can however give you an envelope or rubber band. That is all I can do until you bring in your discount card.

Customer: THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I JUST WANT A F***ING WALLET FOR MY F***ING TICKETS! *storms off* Me (to my coworker): I’m gonna take a five-minute break

Coworker: I don’t blame you.