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Unfiltered | June 10, 2016

(I’m a cashier so I have a clear view of our customer service desk. In the middle of a busy Saturday I notice an older white man bring a little black girl to the desk. The events following seemed odd so I got the story from my manager later. It should be noted that our parking lot is badly laid out, making it tricky to navigate both driving and walking.)

Manager: Hi! How can I help you?

Man: This little girl was just standing in the parking lot. She says she’s waiting for her mother but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Manager: Oh, well that’s definitely a problem. (Turning to the girl) Hi there sweetie! Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out! What’s your name? Did you get separated from your mom?

Girl: It’s (name). I was waiting for my mom. She told me to stay there and wait.

Manager: Hmmm, well what’s her name?

Girl: (Gives name)

Manager: How about we try paging her. (Over the intercom) Attention (store) shoppers! Would (mother’s name) please come to the courtesy desk!

(Mother’s name) to the courtesy desk please!

(The man needs to be somewhere so he leaves the little girl with the manager and heads off. A few minutes go by with no sign of the mother. The manager then decides to try looking in the parking lot, taking the girl with her.)

Manager: So how old are you?

Girl: four!

Manager: Wow, your pretty big! Do you know what your mom’s car looks like?

Girl: Yeah! (Describes car)

(They find a vehicle they think is the right one but still no sign of Mom. The manager gets the license number and heads back inside, little girl still in tow. The desk clerk still hasn’t heard from the mother either. The manager spots our store director returning from a break and goes to talk to him about the situation, still keeping the girl safely by her side. Suddenly, as she’s explaining what’s going on, a woman comes dashing up.)

Woman: (Angrily) There you are! I told you to stay put!

Manager: Are you her mother?

Woman: Yes!

Manager: (The girl obviously recognizes the woman so my manager lets the girl go to her.) She was found in the parking lot by herself. The person who found her was afraid she’d get hurt.

Woman: Uh, yeah, thanks. (As she goes to leave she turns to the little girl and says under her breath) I TOLD you to STAY PUT!

(My manager said the only reason she didn’t call the cops was that the store director didn’t think it was necessary. Talk about a candidate for the “worst parent of the year” award!)