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Unfiltered | June 8, 2016

(the customer earlier and wanted to eat our lunch specials. He wanted a snapple instead of a soda and I told him he had to get it seperately, multiple times because it seemed he didn’t understand. He apparently understood and went to the restroom with his ordered already placed).

(comes out) Customer: cancel the order.

(pause after he was walking out with his Snapple and then finally reacted) Me: Sir! did you pay for your Snapple already

Customer: Get the lady who billed me! (my mother)

(My mom came over after I called her and said he did, even payed for the canceled meal).

me: don’t you want the refund for the food?

Customer: No

(this is basically what I remember, I don’t remember the exact words of everything and I was heavily confused by he didn’t want his money back for canceled order)

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