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[The cell phone company I worked for at the time had two call centers so if a customer called in repeatedly, they’d have a high chance of speaking to the same person over and over]

Me: Hello! Thank you for calling [company]! My name is [name]! How can I help you today?

Customer: You can fix my f*****g bill.

Me: I’m sorry you’ve got an issue with your bill. I’ll be happy to look it over with you, I just need to ask some verification questions first so I can access your account. Would that be okay?

Customer: Fine. *verifies his account*

Me: *quickly scans the bill while reading the notes* Well sir, I see you have $500 in international calls to Jamaica.

Customer: F*** that. I want you to adjust the charges so they’re the same rate as my landline carrier or my [cellular compeditor] phone.

Me: I’m sorry sir but the rates are correct as I have it noted here that we told you the per minute rate before you called Jamaica as well as the fact we have them listed on our website.

Customer: F*****g lies! You WILL credit me!

Me: I cannot do that sir. We’ve told you the same thing the seven other times you called in today and each time you escalated the supervisor has also said the same.

Customer: Get me your suoervisor!!

Me: I’d be happy to, but I would like to point out my supervisor is [supervisor’s name] and I see you spoke to her twice already. I can GUARANTEE you she is not going to change her mind in the space of 15 minutes.

Customer: I don’t give a d***. Get me your supervisor NOW.

Me: Okay then. Thank you for holding. *puts the customer on hold and stands to flag my supervisor down* *giant grin* Hey, [supervisor] do you remember [customer]?

Supervisor: Did you tell him I’d say no!?

Me: Yep. He still wants to escalate.

Supervisor: *gets her headset* Send that idiot through.

(I found out later the customer was banned from calling in)

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