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Unfiltered | June 3, 2016

(I am just finishing a transaction when I see an angry customer storming over to my coworker. I go to head him off, presenting my best smile)

Me: “Good evening, sir, what can I do for you?

The customer is holding a plate which he shoves in my face

Customer: *with a heavy Russian accent* “What kind of chicken is this!?”

Me: “That is our smoked pulled chicken, sir.”

The customer slams the plate down on the counter.

Customer: “This is s***! This is not good chicken! I order chicken [name of sandwich], and this is what I get! I don’t even get all chicken!”

Me: *trying to remain calm and not let my temper flair up* “Sir, we have set portions which we use in making our sandwiches. I assure you, that is the correct amount of chicken for half a sandwich.”

The customer storms away. A minute later, he’s back. By this time, my manager has walked over, and she intercepts him.

Manager: “What can I do for you, sir?”

Customer: *to me* “I do not need you to tell me what kind of chicken this is! I come here since store opens, and I get this sandwich every time. This is not how it is made!”

Me: *mildly frustrated* “Sir, you asked what kind of chicken it was. That’s why I told you.”

Customer: *ignores me and turns back to my manager* “I demand my money back!”

Unfortunately, my manager acquiesced and refunded him his meal. He demanded the whole thing be refunded, but she refused, because, as he claimed, only his sandwich was made wrong.

Me: *to the customer as he leaves, in my most sickeningly sweet voice* “Thank you for being so patient and polite, sir!”

Customer: “F*** you!” *flips me off*

Coworker: “Well, that went well.”