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Unfiltered | June 2, 2016

I dealt with a couple who had some confusion while ordering, the cashier is a fast talker and don’t explain what they were ordering properly. What they paid for wasa fish sandwich combo and and order of fish and chips, which the drink is charged separately for. When I delivered their food they complained that they got the wrong order and were not charged correctly.

Cutomer 1: this isn’t what I paid for.

I look at the receipt and point out that it is corect.

He tells me he ordered the fish sandwich also, and demands a refund for the price difference.

I explain that the sandwich combo actually costs more than the fish and chip with a drink combined.

He tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about, I must be stupid.

I go as far as getting a piece of scrap paper and pointing out the prices listed on the menu and writing it out for him.

This is all while I get a replacement order for him.

He keeps saying he ‘wants what he paid for’

‘Sir, you got what you paid for,

‘No, no this isn’t right,

I continue to show him the receipt and that it reflects what I originally brought. He says he ‘wants what he paid for or a refund for the diffence’ of what he actually got.

I tell him’what you actually wanted costs more than what you paid for, I’d be happy to charge you the 88 cent difference’ stil not happy with my simple gentle explanations of the facts, he continues to call me a lair and say ‘thats not what he (the cashier) told me’

‘Fine, I’ll send the manager over’

Manager goes over sits down at thier table and explains the issue to them again, all while they are eating their food. Comes back five minutes later and says ‘what a dumbass’