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Unfiltered | May 28, 2016

I’m 26 and standing in a rather large supermarket. I’m shopping with my mum, who has just gone into the bottleshop part of the shop to get a case of beer. I have a trolley that contains, among other things, a 30 pack carton of coke, chips, and other shopping. A woman storms out of the bottleshop, and I pay her no attention at first as I’m studying the wall of easter eggs.

Customer: *says something to me that I didn’t catch*

Me: What?

Customer: Did you just take that trolley?

Me: … *confused* No…

Customer: *disbelieving* Alright then…

As she storms off, I look down at the carton of coke and my other shopping, none of which are around the bottleshop section of the supermarket.