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Unfiltered | May 27, 2016

I used to work in a call centre for a bank, dealing with credit card enquiries. To access a customers account, either the customer had to enter their information and pass security through the automated system, or when getting to us giving us their credit card number or surname and postcode. One day I get a lady who’s trying to pay a balance off.

After establishing the reason for their call, this exchange happens:

Me: Sure, I can take a payment for you today, can I get the long credit card number please?

Customer: Well, I don’t actually have my card on me at the moment, is there any other information you can take?

Me: Well, I can bring up your information using your surname and postcode, but just to make you aware, I’ll need your security number in order to take a payment.

Customer: Oh, well I don’t have a security number, but my surname is [surname]. As for the postcode, it’s under my son’s address and I don’t know his postcode.

Me: I’m afraid I won’t be able to carry out your request today, I’d advise for you to phone back when you have all the relevant information with you.

Customer: I know you have my details on your screen! I just want to pay of my balance, it’s not that hard! I’m giving YOU money!

Me: I’m sorry, but you haven’t given me any information regarding your account, therefore I have no information to go by, Even if you could provide me with a surname and postcode, I wouldn’t be able to access the account without going through security.

Customer: This is appalling! I want to speak to your manager!

(Needless to say my manager just laughed at this request and refused to speak to her)

After explaining that I wouldn’t be able to process her request without ANY information she asked me if I could hang on the line because she was almost at her son’s where she could get the postcode.

I explained I had other customers waiting on the line, and she was welcome to phone back when she had her account details with her. She complained about me wasting her time and hung up.