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Unfiltered | May 26, 2016

(I work as a customer service representitive for a small, independent theater. The phone rings.)

Me: Thank you for calling (Theater). My name is (Name.) How can I help you?

Customer: I’d just like to say I really appreciate that the movies at your theater are always appropriate for the viewing audience. Not like (Competing Theater.) All the movies I’ve seen this year there had highly inapropriate trailers. (Name of several PG-13 movies) all had R-rated trailers that were extremely vulgar. But not you guys. I feel like I can watch the trailers with my mother in the room. It’s nice to see people stand up for family values. I’m never going to (competing theater) again, because when I complained to them on their (social network) page they just laughed it off and deleted it! I’m going to you guys from now on! You guys are the best!

(This really made my night!)