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I am the GM of a restaurant and we are currently running a promo that offers a welcome reward of buy one entree, get one free. There is a table of three that wants to redeem their reward, so I scan their coupon and return with their adjusted check. The mother takes the check, glances at it and immediately hands it back to me, claiming that I discounted the wrong meal.

Me: How do you mean I discounted the wrong meal?

Mother: You’re supposed to take off the most expensive one!

Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry but our policy is you’re free meal has to be of equal or lesser value, I’ve taken off the one that is of the least value, as I do with all customers who use this promo.

Son: No! It’s buy one get one of GREATER value! pointing to the most expensive entree on the receipt, You need to take off THIS meal!

At this point I mistakenly try to give them a simple and quick math lesson, but they are clearly not getting it and I become very discouraged.

I even show them specifically where it says ‘Of equal or lesser value’ on the coupon.

Daughter: Well! Any business I have ever used this type of coupon at has ALWAYS given me the most expensive item for free!

I stood there for a moment, completely dumbfounded. I could tell that these people honestly thought that they were right. They weren’t necessarily trying to scam the restaurant.

Me: I’m sorry but I just can’t do that, the total you are required to pay is on your check, your server will take it when you’re ready. Have a nice day.

I walked away before any one of them could say anything else.

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