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(I work at a call center for an online retailer; the retailer I work for does not have any commercials.)

Me: Thank you for calling [Company], my name is [Name], may I have your order number?

(Customer gives non [Company] order number.)

Me: Is this an item you ordered off [Company].com?

Customer: I ordered it off the commercial!

Me: Okay… I’m sorry, so you- saw a commercial and ordered an item over the phone?

Customer: No, I ordered it online!

Me: What website did you order it from?

Customer: I don’t know! Haven’t you ever seen one of those commercials? On TV? Buy one get one free!

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.

Customer: Then you’re in the wrong line of service!

Me: I’m sorry, sir. If you placed the order on [Company].com, I can assist, but if you ordered it from a different company, you’ll have to go through them for assistance.

Customer: I don’t know who I ordered it from! That’s the problem!

Me: …