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Unfiltered | May 17, 2016

(I am grocery shopping with my dad. We are waiting in line when we overhear this.)

Customer: “Scratch ticket, please.”

(He gets the ticket and everything is fine until…)

Customer: “This is a winning ticket.”

Cashier #1: “You need to scratch it first.”

Customer: “This is a winning ticket.”

(This goes back and forth for a little while. Eventually, he scratches it. It was, indeed, a winning ticket, even if only for a small amount of money. The customer leaves, and it is our turn. This happens when my dad finishes checking out and is about to pay.)

Cashier #2: “Have a nice day.”

Dad: (Putting the money down in front of her) “You almost forgot this.”

(Long pause as the cashier stares at the money. She slowly takes it and counts each dollar bill individualy. When we finally leave, I wonder on the way out if her register will be short for the day.)