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Unfiltered | May 16, 2016

( For a co-op, I worked at a Coffee shop that also sold tea pots and teas and all other sorts of accessories. An obviously homeless man walks in, grabs a pot right off the shelf, and walks up to me at the cash.)

Customer: I bought this yesterday and I want to return it.

Me: No sir. I just saw you grab it from the shelf. I was sitting right here.

Customer: No, I bought it yesterday!

Me: Do you have a receipt?

Customer: A crappy home business like this doesn’t give receipts!

Me: Yes, we do. And also, I just saw you grab that tea pot from the display, which I made not even an hour ago. I’ve been here all day and no one touched the display.

Customer: I bought it! Let me speak to your manager!

(He shoves me to the ground and I, of course, scream. My co-worker and manager come out, manager annoyed at being woken up. I hang around in the back room with some ice. The man had to be taken out by police. All in all, quite to horrifying experience.)