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This happened during the closing shift of a restaurant in California.

Customer: Hi, do you have any soups available?

Me: I apologize but all of our soups were gone since 1:30PM.

Customer: So you don’t have any soups and closed the station early.

Me: No, We make our soups from scratch and served a lot of soup on our catering orders and also in-store today. So we ran out of all of the soups at 1:30PM today.

(Customer gives a smirk and decides that she’ll order at the kiosk).

Customer: OK, I’ll just order a salad instead, and after a few minutes… I’ll just order at the kiosk.

Me: Sure, go ahead.

* After several minutes, the customer was ordering on our kiosk, and I was doing closing procedures in the lobby and front counter section (cleaning and closing down). Customer sat down in the dining area, and waiting until her order is ready.

After a few seconds, a receipt was printed and saw she ordered a scone.

Me: I approached to her politely. I’m sorry we are out of cranberry scones, but we have a special BOGO cookies.

Customer: But this is what I ordered… don’t you have any?

Me: No, we don’t I can walk you through the bakery case, and get you any cookies and discount for BOGO.

Customer: Customer was demanding and still wanted a scone… I could see her eyes that she was begging.

Me: Hold on a few seconds let me get a manager…

*The manager talked to her about apologizing most of the pastries, scones are out, and he offered Buy 2 cookies and get one Free to replace the scone she ordered.

Manager: Hi, I’m sorry but we are out of the cranberry scone that you ordered, and can definitely replace that with cookies on our bakery case. He said we are out of scones, and they both approached the bakery case, and switched to Get 3 cookies for FREE. The customer still made excuses about BF not liking any of cookies. (It seemed she can’t decide for herself). It took several minutes after describing what kind of cookies we have in the case.

**Transaction was made after. Of course, I remained firm and polite to the customer.

**After I got the cookies and gave it to her in the lobby area. She asked me of what kind of syrups we have for hot drinks.

Me: I told her just come again at my register and would be easier for both of us what she wants.

(We offer more than 15 types of syrup, and it has been 2 months I have worked there.) Asked her what would you like to drink?

I only suggested hazelnut and vanilla, and was trying to jog my memory and almost said the other options to her.

Customer: OK, I want a vanilla and hazelnut latte.

Me: So you want a hot latte with 1 pump hazelnut and 1 pump vanilla.

Customer:Yes, with soy milk

Me: OK

**I did another transaction with her. But I still remained calm and composed.

Then her order was ready, and the manager was still on the floor. And gave her order, and also swiped the table for her too.

After 1 hour…

Customer: Can I have this to go?

Manager and Me: Sure.

Manager: Manager asked if he wants it to do it.

Me: Sure… (I was still cleaning and doing some closing procedures at the front counter area. Even dealing with customers like taking their orders)

**Manager wrapped the sandwich for her, and thanked her.

After a few minutes, as she walked out the door.

Me: Thank you…See you next week.

Customer: She smirks and gave a face where she doesn’t care and says OK???