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Unfiltered | April 28, 2016

[Sorry for my broken English, but obviously it isn’t my first language] I work as delivery guy for a baker. 90% of our customers are small groceries stores that usually open to their customers around 8 AM; that means the deliveries are done between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM, so i have the keys of several stores and i rarely see my customers, i didn’t even met some ever. One night i’m doing a delivery when suddently i heard a elderly man screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” behind a window with bars situated between the store and the home of the owner. I calmly respond: “sir, i’m delivering the bread”. Him: “DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU’RE A THIEF” Me, still calm: “Look, this is a crate of bread (pointing at it) here’s the keys (showing them) and if you look outside you’ll see my van with [company name] on the sides. Still convinced i’m a thief?”. The man starts to click frantically on a remote (that i recognize as a “panic alarm” from the local security company) and run away form the window. A couple of minutes after, as i bring inside the last crate a car of the security company screeches to a stop and by coincidence the security officer is from my neighboord and knows me and the company i’m working for. I explain to him the situation and as he’s about call in… Radio: “Unit 21 from Dispatch. Are you at [grocery store]?” Him : “Affirmative. False alarm, situation under control”. Radio “Unit 21…uhm…listen, we have on the phone a panicked elderly gentlemen claiming that a fake delivery guy and a fake security officer are in his nephew’s store”. Not very surprisingly, the owner never reported what happened to my boss (who is still laughing about it) and i never saw that man again!