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Unfiltered | April 27, 2016

(I’m manager when a customer with a very pink face comes in wanting drying products and oil remover. I get our big associate to watch him while I call the cops who promptly show up. As they escort the meth addict out while wearing silver bracelets, he yells out.)

Meth addict – Hey! Why you figure me a druggie?

Me – Well, the dye is either huffing or meth. Since you were carrying in you bag of pink goo, meth was obvious.

Meth addict – That’s racial profiling! You don’t like whites!

(As he was dragged out, I see one cop trying not to snicker as my four coworkers hit the ground rolling. As I’m about as white as a marshmallow myself. Meth addicts and Grotell are entertaining I guess.)