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Unfiltered | April 24, 2016

My brother was at a game store when this man had walked in with his 2 sons.

Man: I bought this game on the Wii U console and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Cashier: I’m sorry, what’s it doing?

Man: Well, We have a Wii and it just keeps coming up with this error message.

Cashier: Do you have the Wii U console, sir?

Man: No, just a Wii.

Cashier: See, there’s your problem, you need to have a Wii U console to play this game.

Man: That’s bullsh*t. I want to return this f*cking game, why can’t you just take it?

Cashier: If you do not have a receipt you cannot return it. And may I ask you to please calm down.

Man: I will not calm down until you let me return this f*cking game!

Cashier: I will have to ask you to leave.

Man: I’ll leave and I’m never coming back! Your store is bullsh*t and you don’t know how to help! Good day.

He left with his 2 young kids, he didn’t return after that.