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Unfiltered | April 23, 2016

(Note: The call center has recently gotten a new contract with a big corporation and most of our customers are not the brightest crayons in the box. Today is a dumb customer day and I have 10 minutes to the end of my shift.)

Me: Thanks for calling (company) my name is *** who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Customer: yeah I’m on your website looking at something, can you tell me if it’s compatible with the (very popular phone)

Me: certainly, do you have the s.k.u. or model number?

( most customers don’t know what sku means so we have to spell it out)

Customer: I don’t know?

Me: ok, what kind of device is it?

Customer: it’s a case

Me: ok, ju…

Customer: I have the s.k.u. Number will that help?

Me: yes.

Customer: it’s *******

Me: ok, let me look it up.

Customer: and can you tell me if it has a holster?

( the title of the product is a case with holster for the ( very popular phone))


Me: yes it will work for the (very popular phone) and it had a holster.