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Unfiltered | April 22, 2016

I am working as a cashier at a major bookstore when an older lady comes in with two books to return.

Lady: My friend sent me these books as gifts and I don’t want them! I need to return them!

Me: Alright. Do you have a receipt with them?

Lady: No! She sent them to me as gifts!

Me: Well, without a receipt or the card it was originally purchased with, the best I can do is a store credit. Let me just look up the books to see their cost.

I look up the two books, and see that one isn’t sold through our store, not even on our website. The other I can only return for about $8.

Me: Well, it looks like this book is not sold through us, and for this book I can give you a credit of $8

Lady: What?! I don’t want these books! I want to return them for their full cost!

Me: Well, ma’am, I cannot accept a book we do not sell, and the other book I can only return for the lowest price we are currently selling it, which is $8.

Lady: I’m going to tell my friend to never send me gifts again! I don’t want these books! …Just give me the credit.

As I ring up her credit, she continues on with “I am never shopping here again! My friend should never send me gifts! And I am going to tell my friend, [Name, a regular] who comes in here every day how horribly you treated me! He should stop shopping at such a horrible store!” over and over again. Once her credit is on a card, I hand her a receipt to sign.

Me: Now, if you could please print on the top line and sign on the second line.

Lady: Why do I have to give my signature twice?! I am never coming here again!

And she continued to complain as she walked out the door.