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Unfiltered | April 14, 2016

(I work the front desk at a dry cleaner and on a particularly VERY busy day, the ladies in the back were behind, so I was also helping back there and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. An older lady came in wanting to pick her order up. I greet her and get her order off the wrack.)

Me: “Alrighty. That is (dollar amount)”
Customer: “No no no. I had 3 blouses and 1 of them was $80. Go find it!”
Me: “Oh, okay! Sorry they are running behind back there and I must have forgot to bag them with your order”

(I go to look for her blouses and find one belonging to her. I look on the computer to see what she is supposed to have and all that is listed is what I brought out, including the one blouse)

Me: “It looks like all you brought in was what I have up here.”

Customer: “NOOO! I specifically brought those in. Don’t call me stupid!”

Me: “Ma’am I am not calling you stupid. We have a lot of people who think they have brought things in and didn’t, later to find out they left it at home. it is common human error.”

(After several times of acting like I am going through all of our clothes in the back like she tells me to do, I go up front to tell her we have nothing else for her.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. What was the amount? I have another appointment!!! Making me wait this long!”

(I check her out and a second customer who had to wait through all of this and I began making fun of the lady and having quite a laugh.)