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Unfiltered | April 4, 2016

(I work for the university that I attend by calling parents and alumnia for donations. I do this so that I can pay to attend the university. This occurs a month after presidential elections.)

Me: Good afternoon [alumni’s name]! This is [my name] calling from [university] to talk to you about donating to the scholarship fund.

Alumni: Did you vote?

Me: Excuse me?

Alumni: You heard me. Did you vote?

Me: Oh, well unfortunetly I was unable to vote this year.

Alumni: All you college students are the same. You never vote but then you go and complain about the government. I bet if you did vote, you would have voted for [presidential candidate], wouldn’t you? yeah you’re all the same.

Me: Excuse me sir, it might help you to know that I was planning on voting, but unfortunately my grandfather passed away the day before elections and I had to go home to be with my family. Now since I’m registered at the university, and the death was unplanned, I wasn’t even able to get an absentee ballot.

Alumni: oh well uh…..how much money did you need?

Me: $250 dollars would be greatly appreciated Sir.

(The alumni then proceeds to quickly give me his information so I can process the donation then hangs up)