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Unfiltered | April 2, 2016

(A customer has a coupon that she pulled up on her phone. I ask my manager if she can use it and he says no because it says “Online Only” on the coupon.)

Me: I’m sorry, you can’t use this coupon. It’s online only.

Customer #1: Oh really? Oh well, that’s ok.

(I start ringing up her items)

Customer #2: Um excuse me? I can’t use this coupon?

Me: No, it’s online only.

(Meanwhile, manager comes up to the register)

Customer #2: *says to manager* I can’t use this coupon?!

Manager: I’m sorry but no, it’s online only, we can’t honor it here.

Customer #2: So you’re saying that I drove all the way here and I can’t use this?! That’s the only reason I came all the way out here!

(Customer #2 continues to make a scene.)


(Manager apologized to customer #2, customer #2 leaves her cart full of clothes right in front of the registers, calls manager and tries to steal something on the way out)