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I work on the sales line for a small-scale puzzle company. I’m pretty lucky that we rarely get complaints. When we do, it’s usually either for missing pieces or the wrong puzzle inside the box. Not on this occasion though…

Me: Hello [brand name] jigsaw puzzles, how can I help?

Customer: The puzzle you sent me is a dud! I want a replacement!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Could you let me know what the fault is?

Customer: It’s just cut all wrong. I took out all the green bits and they didn’t all fit together.

Me: Well, you’d really need to actually do the puzzle to decide if it’s faulty. There might be green in a couple of different areas.

Customer: I can’t do the puzzle, it’s a dud.

Me: Okay, just to let you know, our puzzles are cut on a press, so it would be virtually impossible to create a puzzle where the pieces didn’t lock together. Maybe if you persevered…

Customer: look, it’s a dud okay. I’m telling you it’s a dud.

Me: Um… okay well if you bring it back to us, we’ll look into the fault and arrange a replacement.

Customer: Can’t you just do it now on the computer?

Me: I’m afraid we do need to investigate the fault first. Especially in this case, the puzzle may not actually be faulty so you’d have the same trouble with the replacement.

Customer: I’m not giving you this puzzle back! You’ll just give me the same one again. You’re trying to swindle me!

Me: I can assure you, we won’t. We just want to look at the issue. If you can’t bring it in personally you can use our freepost address to send it back.

Customer: you’re trying to swindle me! I want a refund!

Me: Okay, but we’d still need the puzzle returned to us before we could issue a refund.

Customer: Can’t you just do it now, on the computer?

Me: Not without the puzzle, I can’t.

Customer: You’re trying to swindle me!

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