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Unfiltered | March 30, 2016

I’m an Asian American woman with a hearing loss. Because of the hearing loss, I have this unusual accent, even though I can articulate well. I work as a cashier and sometimes with inventory management.

Every now and then, I get the usual inquires about my ethnicity or accent or both. I usually reply, “Born and raised here in GA.” A lot of times, the customers aren’t satisfied with that and they’ll ask more questions. Sometimes, I’ll simply say yes to whatever country where I’m from, simply because I don’t feel like sharing aspects of my life to a complete stranger.

Rarely, but it happens. A few will try to delve into my background and a lot of times, I’ll just make up as I go along because I feel like they’re just talking for the sake of small talk.

There was this one time where a semi-regular customer came and started talking to me in Korean (the real country where my family is from). I was simply shocked then I replied, “Sorry but I’m not that fluent in Korean. But thanks!” She got a bit upset and started telling me that I should know the language!

I was really tempted to say, “Well, you should learn the language from whatever country you’re from!” But I chickened out and said, “Sorry. But have a nice day.”