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Me: [Store] parts, this is [Name], how can I help you?

Customer: Uh, yeah…20-3 chrysler. Key.

Me: I’m sorry, do you need a new key? Is that what you’re asking.

Customer: Yeah.

Me: Okay, what kind of car is it?

Customer: Chrysler.

Me: A Chrysler what? They make many different models, sir.

Customer: Intrepid.

[I ignore the fact that Dodge makes the intrepid and continue.]

Me: Okay, sir, I’ll need the last 8 digits of your VIN number?

Customer: What?

Me: I need the last 8 digits of your VIN.

Customer: What that?

Me:…your vehicle’s identification number?

Customer: I don’t have that.

Me: Well, I do require it sir.

Customer: It’s a 03…20 …chrysler? Look it up with that.

Me: Our system doesn’t work that way.

Customer: [angry sigh, crumpling as he digs through god knows what to find his paperwork.] Hold up. [about a minute of this goes by] Where that at?

Me: It should be on your insurance card or on by the windshield on the driver’s side.

Customer: [angry sigh as he goes to car] Last 4?

Me: Last 8, please.

[Customer proceeds to read the last 4]

Me: No, last 8 please.

Customer:: What?

Me: Last 8.

Customer: You said last 4.

Me: No, you said last 4, I asked for the last 8, please.

[Customer is silent for a moment.]

Customer: Hold up. I’m gonna read it backwards.

[Customer reads it, but in no way can it be right because there isn’t even ONE letter when there would need to be. I tell him this.]

Customer: Well, how the fuck am I supposed to know? This is bullshit. [click]

[About 5 minutes later, I see his name on caller id while I’m helping another customer and hear a coworker having the exact same conversation, apparently the customer thought I was lying to him.]

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