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Unfiltered | March 21, 2016

*An regular walks in and i move in front of the register right away because he gives us problems if we’re not waiting for him at the register*

Me: Hello, How can i help you?

Regular: *snaps fingers at me*

Me louder: How can i help you?

Regular: *snaps fingers at me again*

Me: What can i get you?

Regular: *claps hands at me*

Me: Yes sir? Can i get you something?

Regular: *Claps hand then snaps fingers*

Me: *snaps fingers back at him*

Regular: *snaps fingers in front of my face*

Me: Seriously? What do you need?

Regular: *Slams hands on counter* You young people always ignoring me!

Me: Yes because thats whats happening here.

Regular: *snaps at me again* HELLO! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!

Me: No, No i’m not. I’m standing at the register, asking what you want and ignoring you.

Regular: *grabs my arm violently* LISTEN HERE LITTLE GIRL! I WANT GAS!


Regular: I see your lips moving but nothing is coming out of them!

Me: *removes his hands from me* Give me your money or get out.

Regular: *throws money at me and snaps his fingers at me again, Before storming out.*

*He comes in a week later and throws his money at me again, and flips me off…. its a weekly tradition now. Sadly we can’t ban him because he’s spends so much money here…..*