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Unfiltered | March 20, 2016

(As well as printing services, my copy shop also offers some office services, including faxes. The prices are quite a bit higher than people expect them to be though, so if I see a customer with a large stack of faxing, I ALWAYS advise them of the price before faxing, and the prices are listed right on the self-serve fax machine)

Customer: I need to fax these papers to my insurance company, can you help me?

Me: Certainly!

Customer: Well, how much will this cost?

Me: do you know how many pages you have?

Customer: No! Oh it doesn’t matter, I absolutely have to send these!

Me: Are you sure ma’am? That’s quite a lot of papers, and the price is $1.49 for the first page and $1.29 for each additonal.

Customer: Just send them!

(I scan all of the pages through, and the machine begins to dial)

Customer: Oh, I’m just so worried about the price!

Me: Well ma’am, there’s still time for me to stop the fax and count your pages so I can give you an estimate first.

Customer: No, no, I HAVE to send these!

Me: If you’re sure…

(The fax completes, and ring the customer up)

Me: That will be $XX.XX

Customer: WHAT!? That’s outrageous! I’m not paying that! Get me a manager right away, you should have told me it would be that much!

(thankfully my manager asked for my side of the story, and after pointing out that I had offered quotes twice, warned the woman of the expense AND the prices were posted where she could plainly see them, the customer huffily paid the full amount)