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(After suffering a leak from the restraunt toilets above our shop, a section of the shop is cordoned off and clearly sign posted as “Area closed for maintenance. No admittance. If you require anything from this area, please ask a member of staff to get it for you”. There is a fairly busy queue at the till with just a Christmas temp and myself at the front of store. A man walks into the shop and jumps the queue to speak to my collegue)

Customer: “I want to get into the True Crime section”

(The colleague he speaks to has a tendancy to be quite blunt and as the man looks agitated, I cut her off)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, as you can see that area is closed off”

Customer: “But the sign says ask a member of staff”

(I ask my colleague to take the details of the book that he wants and say I’ll get it if its in stock)

Colleague: “What do you want?” (I wince)

Customer: “I want to look in the True Crime section”

Me: “As you can see sir, we’ve suffered a leak and we don’t know whether its safe for customers to be in that area yet. If you’ve a particular book in mind, we can look it up on the system. If we’ve got it in I’ll get it for you. If not we can order it in”

Customer: “But I don’t know what I want yet”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t let you go into the section sir”

Customer: “Well you should f***ing well put up a different sign then shouldn’t you!?”

*Customer storms off, stared at by every other customer in the queue*