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Unfiltered | March 16, 2016

Note: Our store just had hackers get into our POS system and steal credit card information a few months prior to this exchange.

Me: Hi, how are you today?

Customer: I’m fine. Can I ask you something? Do you know if people have gotten their cards back?

Me: Umm… I’m not sure what you mean.

Customer: Their cards! Have people gotten their cards back?

Me: Do you mean our store credit cards?

Customer: UGH, NO! Look, I was one of the victims. My credit card information was stolen. I haven’t gotten my credit card back yet?

Me: Okay, I’m sorry about that.

Customer: So have people gotten their cards back?

Me: Well that depends on the bank. Our store cards take about a week to ship out after you request a new one.

Customer: Not your STORE CARDS! MY CARD!

Me: Well I’m not sure, that would depend on the bank. A few banks just cancelled everyone’s card and have already delivered the new-

Customer: You’re not answering my question!!!

Me: Well you’d have to ask your bank. I don’t know when you’re going to get your card. But other customers have gotten their cards back.

Customer: Okay. Thank you. Finally.

I finish the transaction silently and hand her her receipt.

Customer: Sorry if I wasn’t very clear. I just wanted to know if people had gotten their cards and you weren’t helping.

Me: (nod and bites lip) Have a good day.