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Unfiltered | March 14, 2016

(I work in a store that is predominantly staffed by foreigners, but I am Caucasian. A customer approaches my till.)

Customer: Hi there

Me: Good evening

(I proceed to start scanning the woman’s sizable cartload of groceries)

Customer: I’m so glad to see a white person behind the till for once!

Me: ……Excuse me?

Customer: Well, I am so sick of dealing with all these foreigners every time I want to buy some groceries! I’ll be sure to come back here when you are working in future!

Me: Uh, ma’am? You may leave now. I will not serve someone as incredibly rude and racist as you.

Customer: What do you mean, you wont serve me?!

Me: Exactly what I said. Leave now. You will not receive service here, from me or anyone else.

Customer: How dare you! I demand to speak to your manager at once!

Me: (Smirking) Certainly ma’am. Let me call him over for you

(I call the manager on duty over to my register. The manager in question is a Chinese immigrant)

Manager: (In a thick Chinese accent) What’s the problem?

(The customer’s face turned paper white, and she virtually ran from the store, leaving all her groceries behind. My manager turned to look at me, but it took 10 minutes for him to get an explanation because I was laughing so hard)

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