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Unfiltered | March 13, 2016

(I am straightening a new energy star light bulb display at the front of the store when a customer approaches.)

Me: How may I help you, sir?

Customer: What is with these new bulbs? Where are the incandescents?

Me: Due to new energy regulations they are being prohibited but we have many other options

Customer: More mistakes because of Obama. You know why don’t you.

Me: I don’t really follow the politics of it sir. (I do but don’t like discussing it during work.)

Customer: Because Obama is helping his commie friends in china. Worthless ******** (Racial slur)

(I glare at him angrily and start turning red. After a moment to calm myself I speak.)

Me: Sir… please don’t speak to me anymore.

(I am white but have a mixed race brother and nearly punch this guy out. My managers applauded my self control.)