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Unfiltered | March 8, 2016

I rent a small basement apartment while I attend school. The neighborhood where I live is very close to the college that I attend, so as a result, I have alot of students in my neighborhood. Though I live with a roomate I own 2 pet rats to keep me company.

On rare occasions we get the odd door to door salesman, On this particular evening while holding one of my rats, there is a knock on the door, So I place my rat inside my sweater pocket and go answer the door.

Me (in a perfectly pleasent voice) “Hello, how can I help you this evening?”

Salesperson: Hello, my name is <name> I represent the,<well known charity> I am not a salesperson, but I have been going door to door, asking if you have ever heard of <well known charity>?”

Me: Yes, I have heard of the charity, I have donated before” (hoping that this will end the conversation)

Salesperson: “Oh, good, so as you already know, we do alot for your area, (she then proceeds to go into a well rehearsed speel, basically asking for donations,)

“So, if you would like, I can place you on a program where you only have to pay 1$ a day, you can cancel it at any time”

Me:” Well, Let me think about it for a few days. I have your brochure…”

(Sales person, huffs and puffs for a couple of seconds, obvously not happy that I am declining)
Salesperson: “Well, honestly a lot of people, who say that they will donate, never actually donate. Or they just procrastinate.”

Me: “Ok, well I do understand that, but I am also a student, and really cannot afford any more bills at this time”

Salesperson: (in a tad offensive tone) “Oh… well as a student, you should still be able to afford only 1$ a day”

Me: (suddenly gets an idea) Well, actually, I am barely making ends meet. infact (pulling my rat from my pocket) See this rat?”

Salesperson: (staring at me) “what about him?”

Me: *holds the rat up to show the woman a very large wound on my rats stomach* “I have already spent over 100$ just last week, on this rat for vet bills, and I will be spending another 100$ this week for more medication, to try to get this cleared up.”

Salesperson’s face turns white, she blushes for a moment, and says “Well, I am sorry to bother you miss, I hope you have a great night.” and then leaves.

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