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Unfiltered | March 12, 2016

I work for the campus restaurant. The flooring has been ripped up and is being replaced with tile. A cement-like base has been put down to make sure the tiles are even with the rest of the flooring. I work at the station where I must over look the perimeter and make sure that students don’t walk on the still wet cement base.

Me: -sees three people walking towards the cement- Excuse me, but you must go around.

They must not have heard me, as they keep going. I repeat myself much louder and stricter. Still nothing. As the last person walks by it, she bumps into the cart set up with a sign saying not to step in the area.

Girl: That cart is in the way.

Me: Yeah, there’s a point to why it is.

Later, I tell my coworkers what had happened.

Male Coworker: It’s because you are so small you aren’t intimating at all.

Me: Thanks, I should have a bodyguard for now on.

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