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Unfiltered | March 9, 2016

(In our company, all employees are allowed to pick up the phone when it rings. In practice, everyone leaves it up to me, as I’m usually the only woman on the floor. Callers from India usually call for outsourcing jobs, which we don’t do, and they usually ask for our employer, who’s – again – usually out for business meetings).

Me: Good morning, [Company], this is [My name].

Caller: Hellooo, this is [Indian sounding name], can I speak to the one in charge please?
(Note that the caller has a thick Indian accent and sounds like she is screaming)

Me: First, could you tell me your company name?

Caller: I am calling for your employer! Can I speak to him please?

Me: Sorry, you still haven’t told me your company name yet.

Caller: It’s *total gibberish* . We’d like to ask you for outsourcing software development.

Me: Yeah, I see. Can he call you back? What’s your number?

Caller mentions an extremely long number to me, which I jot down only half.

Me: Okay! Well if our employer is interested he’ll call you back!

Caller: …Ok.

* After I hung up, I checked the numbers and found out there was no way of making a phone number out of them. Needless to say we never called back!