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I’ve just arrived at work and been informed that the computers are down. We take calls for a large cellphone company, so we’re advised they should be back up shortly and to just answer what questions we can and have customers call back in an hour for anything else. The first call I take is from an older woman trying to find out how to delete a voicemail. Simple enough, so I start to walk her through it.

Me: So, before we go forward, just to let you know, our systems are down so I won’t be able to access your account or make changes, but I can give you general information.

Caller: You’re a communications company! How can your systems be down?!

Me: Well, the computers seem to be having some issues but they should be back up soon. I apologize.

Caller: Whatever! Just help me delete this voice message! Me: Okay, when you call the voicemail number, after it plays the message you want to delete, just hit 7 and it will delete it.

Caller: The call told me to press 9 to opt in to something so I did now the message won’t go away!

Me: Okay, so when you press 9 in your voicemail, it saves it. Just hit 1 in the main menu to listen to your saved messages and hit 7 when you get to the one you want to delete.

Caller: I did that!

Me: ….You hit 7 while the message was playing and it’s still there?

Caller: No, I hit 9!

Me: Ma’am, you need to hit 7 while listening to the message.

Caller: It told me to hit 9!

Me: Okay, ma’am, go ahead and call your voicemail. I’ll walk you through it.

[several moments of silence]

Me: Did you get the voicemail on the line?

Caller: I pressed 7 and it’s not doing anything!

Me: Okay, what exact steps did you take?

Caller: I called the voicemail and pressed 7!

Me: Okay, you have to wait for the voicemail to play. Since you saved it, you had to hit 1 to listen to your saved messages.

Caller: I just did that!

Me: Ma’am, you just said you hit 7 immediately. You need to hit 1.

Caller: You’re not helping! Get me to someone else!

Me: Unfortunately, I’m unable to transfer you as our systems are down. You can definitely call back in an hour when the systems are back up.

Caller: I don’t want to call back! I want you to help me!

Me: I’m trying, ma’am. I’d be more than happy to walk you through the steps.

Caller: It’s broken! You broke my phone!

Me: I assure you, it’s not broken.

Caller: You’re a communication company and you can’t even transfer me! You’re no help! [hangs up]

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