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Unfiltered | March 4, 2016

(I’m a manager at my store, and was running the store when a huge, intimidating man approached my counter with two bags, both containing -empty- boxes of food. He demands a manager, and I approach him)

Me: Hello, what can I do for you today?

Customer: I ordered three meals yesterday. I took them home, and my family ate them. And then got sick off of it!

Me: Ohh I am sorry….

Customer: *interrupting* I want my food replaced!

Me: *glancing into the bags* Well unfortunately all of the food has been eaten, so I cannot replace any of it…

Customer: Well of course it’s all been eaten! My wife and family were -hungry- when I got home! They needed something to eat! And it made us all sick!

Me: Well like I said, I cannot replace food that has already been eaten….

Customer: Why not?! It made us sick! You need to replace it!

Me: Well, why is all of the food gone if it made you sick?

Customer: We were HUNGRY! It gave us indigestion after we ate it! It made us sick!

Me: *trying to please him a bit* Well I could replace the fries…..

Customer: NO! I want my two *semi-expensive* sandwich and my *most expensive* sandwich replaced! They made us sick, so I want replacements!

Me: I am really sorry sir, but I really need food to replace any food for you.

Customer: So you’re not going to give me any food? Well FINE, I want my MONEY BACK!

Me: …..I cannot give you any money back, since you cannot give me any food back. I am sorry, but I cannot do anything for you.

Customer: Who is in charge here?!

Me: I am currently, but my store manager will be in tomorrow at *time*

Customer: *grabs both bags of empty wrappers and storms out the door, screaming about how he’s going to get me fired*

(The customer did indeed come in the next day to talk to my store manager. She didn’t cave in either. We both laughed at how he wanted replacement food for food that made his family and himself sick.)