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Unfiltered | March 3, 2016

Me: Thank you for calling the Office of Waste Collection, this is [me], how can I help you?

Customer: Hi, my name is [Name], and I’m calling about ### East [StateName] Street. Our garbage can was stolen.

(Note: the area we service is on a grid pattern so the streets are numbered. There are very few “named” streets, and most of those that are have names of nearby cities or local landmarks.)

Me: *pauses, then repeats address back to customer to be certain I have it correct*

Customer: *confirms*

Address: *not in database1*

Me: *wasn’t expecting it to show up, not with that street name* Ma’am, is this in an apartment complex or a subdivision?

(Some complexes and some subdivisions have their own street-naming scheme. Those that do generally are also commercially contracted with the garbage haulers directly.)

Customer: It’s actually a business. [Name] Insurance.

Me: Our office actually doesn’t service businesses.

(Our office only serves residential customers. Commercial properties have to set up their own service. Our office is not involved.)

Customer: Well, I found your address online…

Me: *spider sense starts tingling* I can still try looking up the address, but I don’t believe I’ll find it.

Address: *not in database2* *and if the address is legit it should be in database2, as database2 is linked to the property appraiser’s office*

Me: *follows a hunch* *googles “### e [statename] st”*

Google: *have some completely unexpected results!*

Me: *frowns at screen* Ma’am, are you in [my city]?

Customer: Yes.

Me: *……..* *lemme try that again* *googles “### e [statename] st, [my city]”*

Google: *have more results of an almost identical nature to the previous search!*

Me: *……………..* Are you in Texas by chance?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Ma’am, we’re in Florida.

Customer: Oh. Okay, thank you! *hangsup*

Me: *just…wat.*