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Unfiltered | March 2, 2016

I work at a rather large independent insurance agency. A customer comes in, and she’s been quote by another customer service rep for a change on her policy. I process the change an everything is gong well until I tried to hand her the verification cards.

Me: These are for you.

They fall to the floor, her friend picks them up and tries to hand them to her.

Customer: I’m not taking those.

Me; Ma’m you need them in case you get stopped by a cop.

Customer: Isn’t it your job to explain what they are? I am not taking anything I don’t know what is.

Me: They’re your security verifications. In case you get stopped by a cop or you get in an accident. They let the officer or the other driver know your policy information.

Customer: Okay.

(At this point I’m trying really hard to maintain my professionalism and trying to figure out what I did to offend her.) Me: Just sign right here so we know this change wasn’t my idea!

Customer: I’m not signing it. Don’t I have the right to know how much this is going to cost?

Me: Of course you do, this makes your full term premium $300 for six months.

Customer: That’s not what (coworker) said.

My coworker hasn’t returned from lunch yet. I tried to explain to her that my coworker didn’t put prices in the notes an I don’t know what she told her but this is the price. She waits in the lobby until my coworker gets back. I gingerly give her a head’s up and she calls the customer in. The customer leaves a few minutes later and I asked her how it went.

Coworker: I just told her that was how it was going to be an this is what it cost an she said okay.