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Unfiltered | February 19, 2016

(I work at a small adult store. We sell lingerie as well as other adult products. A customer walks up to the counter with an armload of outfits.)
Me: Hello! May I help you?

Her: Yes, I would like to try these on.

Me: Ok, I can let you try the tops on three at a time in the dressing room, but I can’t let you try the underwear on due to store policy.

Her: Excuse me, that’s harassment. All the other stores let me try on the underwear.

Me: Sorry, its store policy. Its unsanitary to let anyone try on the underwear.

Her: It’s still harassment!

Me: ….

(where she got the link between not letting her try on the underwear and harassment, I don’t know. She ended up disheveling the whole store, trying on 30 outfits, and then have me write up, by hand, how much everything cost in groups of five and not buying a single thing)