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Unfiltered | February 18, 2016

(A guest is checking out. She is talking loudly to her friend, who’s there with her.)

Me: “Okay thank you for staying with us. You are checked out. Here’s your receipt.”

Guest: *keeps talking to her friend*

Me: *a little louder* “You are all checked out! Thank you!”

(The guest keeps gabbing with her friend and completely ignoring me, no matter how loud I speak. Her friend looks over, but says nothing. FInally, I give up and start eating my breakfast.)

Guest: *looks up at me* “What’s wrong? Am I checked out?”

Friend: “She said that a million times. But you just ignored her.”

Me: *nodding in agreement*

Guest: “Nuh uh! I was jsut talking to you and then next thing I know, she’s eating her food and I’m like, what’s going on?” *scoffs*

(The guest snatches her receipt and storms off. She and her friend kept arguing about it all the way out!)

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