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Unfiltered | February 16, 2016

I am a well known sales associate in a toy shop in a shopping centre in a small shopping centre. We get one hour lunch breaks, so I tend to change out of my uniform completely to go for a wander. Today I left the centre to buy lunch and a large shop directly across the road.
While I’m inside browsing in the cold food section, a middle-aged female customer grabs my arm (I’m wearing a bright blue jumper with a happy Christmas cat)

Customer: “Wait up – where’s the smoked salmon?”

Me: (Turning around so it is 100% apparent I’m not wearing any form of uniform) “Wait-what? Sorry – I don’t work here.”

Customer: (Still clutching my arm hard) “You’re a cashier! it wont take long – I’m in a hurry!”

(At this point I pulled my arm away, pinched my jumper with both hands and wiggled it so the cat on the front was very obvious – and saying in a small voice to emulate the cat) “She. Doesn’t. Work. Here. Are. You. Mad. Don’t. Touch. Strangerssss.”

(At this point the woman rolled her eyes and called me a lazy cunt and tried to flag an onlooking employee to report me – who was holding back hysterics watching the whole thing.)

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