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Unfiltered | February 15, 2016

(I work in a popular retail store that allows customers to buy any item on sale if they find a sale sign for said item, that wasn’t taken off the floor yet. As a cashier, I have to make sure that the sale sign was for the correct item, because most of the time, the sale price is for a similar, but different item. This happens after an elderly gentleman shows up at my till and I ring him up.)

me: Okay, that comes to $15.00

old man: I thought it was $13.00

(I get ready to phone one of the girls on the floor to double check, a process that can easily turn a 30 second transaction into fifteen minutes)

Old Man: But if you say $15.00, then $15.00 it is.

(The old man shrugs and pays, and I stand there amazed. No matter how small the difference is between prices, I have never seen someone who was ‘okay’ with the larger price!!)

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