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Unfiltered | February 13, 2016

Customer: “My son loved his first music lesson. He’s been talking about it all week”

Me: Great! Shall we get you signed up and booked for the term?

Customer: “No. I don’t want to do that”

Me: “Is there something I can help you with?”

Customer: “I want to sign up but I want to pay as I go”

Me: “I’m very sorry but unfortunately we cannot hold a spot without some sort or commitment. Some of our teachers, including myself, have to travel quite a distance to be here for a lesson. You could do monthly payments?

That way you are only paying a little bit at a time.

Customer: *yelling and screaming* “This is ridiculous. My husband has two Junos!”

Me:…….? I’m sorry but that doesn’t change anything here. I can’t save a spot for you when we have other clients who might want that spot and are willing to commit.

Customer: *yelling, hands on hips, etc)* “well this is ridiculous. I want to pay my way. If you won’t do it your being unreasonable. I know everyone in (small town). I will make sure to tell everyone so no one comes here….. My husband has two Junos. He knows everything about music! You should listen to me”

Me: “Have a nice day”

Customer storms out.

(We haven’t seen her since and the business is doing great!)