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Unfiltered | February 12, 2016

I am checking in a family at the desk. The two kids must be at least 15. Note: this hotel is in Scotland the family is English.

Me: and heres your key, is there anything else i can do for you today?

The mother, who has been smiling broadly all this time suddenly nudges her daughter and starts to laugh.

Customer: go on ask her.

Daughter: no its ok.

The duaghter looks sheepish but i dont prompt her since the family are laughing so much. Finally the daughter is persuaded.

Duaghter: so do we need adapters up here to use the sockets?

I stare at her unsure what to say.

Me: er no, Scotland is on the same national grid.

The duaghter seems satisfied and leaves with her chuckling family in tow.