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Unfiltered | February 8, 2016

(Our cinema closes the concessions stand to customers once the last film of the night’s main feature begins, I’m stocking up in front of the counter when a man and his two daughters come up hoping to buy a snack, it’s a Sunday, so the last film is not very late and thus children can go to it)

Colleague: I’m sorry sir the stand is closed.

Father: Really?

Colleague: Yes sir, the tills were taken up by our manager half an hour ago. We can’t process any payments at all and we’re cleaning and prepping the stand for tomorrow right now.

Father: All right then (begins to make his way towards the screens again)

Daughter: Why are they closing up now?

Me: Because the vast majority of our sales are before someone’s film starts, and if we waited for everyone to leave, we would go home between 2 and 6 in the morning. That’s a very long shift and we would like to go home and sleep before we get that late.

Daughter: Oh…